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Human and animal health Consulting

Babylon BioConsulting LLC is a full service human and animal health consulting firm. We specialize in startup, pre-revenue and early stage valuation of animal health, biotechnology and drug development companies. Babylon services include investor outreach, due diligence, market research and business development, intangible asset valuation and management and executive interim management services. Additionally, we perform human and animal health product development and scientific consulting services. Our interest and passion is to leverage our extensive experience and network of professionals within the human and animal health fields to help businesses accomplish their goals more efficiently, cost-effectively and in a timely manner.


Our services include:

Investor and Strategic Partner Relations and Outreach
  • Pre-Revenue & Early Stage Human & Animal Health Business Valuation. 
  • Human & Animal Health Market Analysis.
  • Financing & Strategic Partner Outreach.
  • Origination & Execution of PE & M&A Opportunities through our Financial Partners.
  • Risk Assessment & Investor Due Diligence.
  • Term Sheet Negotiation, Advice & Support.

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Strategic Business Consulting
  • Executive Coaching.
  • Assessment of Growth Potential within the Relevant Market.
  • Financial Projections & Capital Budgeting.
  • Interim Executive Management. 
  • Project Valuation & Risk Management for Go/No-Go Decision Making. 

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Business Development and Market Penetration
  • Identify New Business Revenue Generating Opportunities.
  • Access to Channel Partners, CROs, CMOs and Suppliers.
  • Business Expansion into the Middle East.
  • Non-US Company Representation in the United States.
  • Accredited Scientific & Business Translation and Interpretation Services.
  • Import/Export of Human & Animal Health Related Products & Ingredients.

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Human and Animal Health Intangible Asset Management
  • Valuation of Intangible Asset Portfolio.
  • Human and Animal Health Trade Secret vs. Patent Consulting.
  • Contract Negotiations for Licensing Intellectual Property & Patents.
  • Marketing Intellectual Property & Patents.

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Human and Animal Health Product Development and Scientific Consulting
  • Diagnostic Device Development & Manufacturing.
  • Human & Animal Functional Foods Ingredient Research.
  • Animal Health Supplements Sourcing & Manufacturing.
  • Access to Scientific & Regulatory Subject Matter Expertise. 

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The animal health market has seen a significant uptick in investment activity over the past few years. While there is general agreement that the animal health market is a growth market, the drivers are very different from those of the equivalent human market and it is worth potential investor’s time and money to understand those differences to increase their odds of success. "Learn More about Investing in Animal Health"

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